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Distance Learning MBA in India Via Online & Correspondence 


Internet is a breakthrough which is giving you a chance to learn from any place and get your degree. The word distance comes in your psyche when you are not present at the site, same follows for distance education. Distance learning MBA is not surreal any more, 

Education is one of the basic necessities of life. Higher education is important to achieve top positions in employment and lead a successful personal life thereafter. Due to fast-pace of life, being multitasking in nature is most important. Here comes the word ‘distance’ into action. The term helps combine higher learning with the rapid pace of life and facilitates working individuals with their desire for learning.

Today, distance learning MBA is a reality that is educating several working professionals under the discipline of management. This master level course under management can be sought after from any of the top rated universities in India which are well defined in the sphere of distance education. As these universities are accredited for the quality and consistency of online management programs, have become the most trusted method for earning certified MBA degrees in various concentrations. 

Masters in business can be done from several universities in India but distance education program is only offered by few top-notch institutions because it needs well equipped infrastructure and technology oriented teachers with a lots of experience.

If you are having trouble in choosing the right university then we are one step away, You will find the best universities to choose from and we will personally guide you to the right place where you can excel your career in management and get a guaranteed placement after your degree.

Plan strategically ———————————————–types of distance MBA. 


Online MBA in India ( Direct Admission Available )


It is boon for the students who are willing to pursue their higher education in management but can’t be present in classroom. On-line MBA gives you a chance to make your computer a classroom and learn any time anywhere. 


Executive MBA

This course is designed to en-roll experienced adults who have worked after their graduation and seeking admission after some experience. This course leads you towards perfection and teaches you skills and techniques to reach new heights. Executive MBA runs for one year.

Part Time MBA

Part time MBA is for the candidates who wants to work and study at the same time. This course is designed, keeping those students in mind who can not avail regular classes but still want to get their education properly as they can on weekends.



There is a class of learners who wants to learn continuously. We name it as the class of working professionals. People belonging to this class express special interests in learning to meet their career expectations.

Management that is much on demand these days opens exciting career avenues for seekers and offers some of the best career options to them. This is the one that has reached such a great height that everyone wants to enter the field for making a bright career into. Few don’t want to wait for a degree to come and join quite early the corporate world. Such individuals find distance learning MBA programs just the excellent means to be ahead in the career with relevant academic knowledge and a degree, as well. Distance learning MBA for working professionals, so, are special programs that are formulated as per the needs of working adults.

On this website, we have included various top names of universities that have carved special place for their selves in the niche of distance education in India. Each of the universities offers excellent programs under management discipline. Distance learning MBA for working professionals can be sought after in various specializations including retail, HR, marketing, finance, insurance, supply chain management, and so on. Courses are recognized for their quality and lead one towards certified MBA degree after completion of a particular program.


Distance Learning MBA for Engineers

There are joint MBA/MEng programs for management aspirants who are engineers by profession. They can further their management skills by taking up distance learning MBA for engineers via distance mode in order to keep their jobs up along with studies.


Distance Learning MBA for Doctors

Management and leadership skills are needed to excel in every sector. Distance learning MBA for doctors is a course name under which doctors are trained in management skills.
Distance Learning MBA for Lawyers

Specifically designed for corporate lawyers; this program helps legal professionals equip themselves with better understanding on business operations so that they can speak to the client’s language and dispense legal advice with wise judgment based on business operations. Distance learning MBA for lawyers helps seekers accrue advanced knowledge in the domain of management.


Distance Learning MBA for Diploma Holders

MBA or master of business administration opens up exciting career opportunities for its pursuers. This is studied at postgraduate level and continues for two years. There is facility to take up online course also, if you are unable to do a regular MBA course. There are many distance learning universities in India which offer certified programs across various career streams under the management discipline. These universities can also be explored for doing MBA after a diploma. However, in India the minimum qualification required for a regular or postal MBA is bachelor degree in any stream from any of the recognized Indian university. But there are some universities who do offer Distance learning MBA for diploma holders. Although, diploma holders need to have relevant working experience (at least of five years) before they can apply for online MBA program. Also, the diploma should be of three years and recognized by Board of Technical Education of state or central government


Distance Learning MBA for IT Professionals


There is a program that can help IT professionals to exploit their skills to bring more productivity to their fraternity they are working in. this program is titled as distance learning MB for IT professionals. There are specially crafted MBA programs which primarily focus at requirements set by ever-expanding IT field to satiate the sector fully by educating IT professionals with the right kind of managerial expertise.


Distance Learning MBA Courses


Seekers who want to combine their higher educational pursuit with regular occupations are left with ample of options for distance learning courses in the management discipline. From our platform you can earn a degree in one of various specializations including executive MBA, integrated BBA+MBA, distance learning MBA, MBA+PGP, and MBA industry integrated. These accredited distance learning courses are industry endorsed and help you secure prime positions in top business tycoons of the world. Start browsing right now to find a program that appeals your penchants the most.

In today’s time where life is running at fast pace no one is allowed to take break even for a minute. To maintain one’s job proficiency continuous learning is the only means to follow on. Taking a sabbatical from work is not wise idea and so distance learning courses are proving their utmost importance. This way one can undergo skills enhancement training programs alongside their jobs and fortified himself with precious expertise that is highly regarded in the employment sector.



MBA distance learning is the easiest way to get benefited from MBA program that is of international standards. Colleges attached to this web page ensure quality education across nationality through outstanding online lectures, discussions, and study materials. Distance learning MBA admission platform exhibits some of the most advanced technological features that act as a tool for enhanced learning experience. The mode of learning proffers chances to interact with peer groups and online mentors any time thus, helps in confidence building. It is easy to get access to any of the career oriented management programs. For distance learning MBA admission, there isn’t followed a procedure, only educational certificates are sent for the verification. For more information on distance learning MBA admission 2013 please fill in the enquiry form given on top right corner of the page. Very soon, you will be contacted with proper information.


Distance Learning MBA Admission Procedure Online

Getting online admittance to a management course is the easiest of the process. No need to clear the entrance examination, neither a candidate is required to obtain good marks in the previous educational level. Call us to direct admission in MBA Online


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Distance Learning MBA – Taking Flight beyond the Conventional Limits

Distance learning has become an interesting mode of education. The education via this mode has been on the rise for the past several years. Credited to its flexibility, Distance learning courses are a major part of one’s life. Being friendly in many a manner, one can pursue the course sitting at a far-off place. Technology has actually paced up in a short while and thus could be called ‘wings’ that helped distance learning courses to fly high. One receives the utmost capability to receive both studies and job simultaneously. One can actually decide their own pace to study and at their times; though one has to prepare their selves for the scheduled examinations. 
Starting from the diplomas to graduate and post-graduate, one can avail the programs of their choice, based on their eligibility. Also, there is no bar as if one wants to attain traditional or technical programs, under Distance Education. Nowadays, however, Management has become an in-thing. And, when it is the case of post-graduation that can be pursued via it, then it’s a double whammy. To explain further, the higher degree – MBA – has become a trend; and a one that can reach one to the greater heights. The procedure to take admission into the course is quite simple. One only needs to apply into any university of their choice and can take admission either by visiting the university or by downloading the formalities via internet medium. 
Across the nation, there are many universities that provide the courses via this mode. The mode is quite well-defined, but one must cross-check with the validation of the universities prior taking enrollment in the institution. With distance learning mode, University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Council (DEC) must have given the approval to the university. Maharaj Vinayak Global University, NIMS University, Jodhpur National University, Shobhit University, etc. can be listed amongst the state private universities; and have earned a good name in educational sector in just a short span of time. As all of us are aware, due to the higher scope of the management course, people are running after it with bright sheen in their eyes. Nevertheless, it’s not only up to the course to scale the person to the greater heights, but one needs to put in efforts to showcase their inherent or learned talent. 
Talking of the distance learning MBA, it can be received from a reputed and a well-affiliated university; thus making the good-job prospects higher. In addition, the course content provided by the universities dealing in distance education is very precise and updated, that could help one in getting the matter easily. The benefit can be taken even while the student is sitting at a far-off place. Age is no bar here; and a person’s eligibility decides their admission procedure. Both regular and private colleges offer the course via distance mode. At times, entrance examinations are held to decide the number of admissions on the set merit-list.  The course helps polish the overall personality of the student, thus taking the attention away from rote-learning and stressing upon the practical knowledge or experience.


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