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The educational scenario in India is evolving with every new day. More and more number of parents are realising the potential of educating their children in the top universities of India, so that they can gain a standing in their career and advance towards a bright future for themselves and their family. This understanding and advancement in the field of education has diversified and enabled many career opportunities for students all across the nation.

Mount Carmel College is one such leading college in the mainstream educational scene of India. The college was established in the year 1948 and has since then taken great strides towards the development of education in its precincts. Today, Mount Carmel College is a very popular and well sought after option for women of the district and even many women from outside the state. The college aspires to offer various courses in the mainstream undergraduate and postgraduate sections.

The popularity of the college is such that it has received an A+ grading and five stars from the NAAC for its fantastic and commendable job of imparting education to the women of the country. The college manifests its presence in the state of Karnataka where it has many centres and an excellent faulty base which is entrusted with the job of teaching its students to the best of their abilities.

Mount Carmel College is officially affiliated to the Bangalore University. However, most of the activities of the college are carried out in an autonomous manner, without the interference of any other university or college. Keeping in mind, a growing need to educate women in a holistic manner, Mount Carmel College has taken the initiative to provide and excellent all round scenario for women to participate in extra curricular activities so that they can break all barriers that stand in between their growth and development. There are several competitions and events that are organised in the college from time to time.

The Mount Carmel College has been awarded various prestigious awards and recognition from eminent platforms for its excellent performance and results. The college is undeniably one of the best for the women of India.



  • Specialised niche towards the commerce stream. A prospective candidate may achieve a specialised learning in many of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Systematic sub division of different educational sectors into basic divisions, making an efficient utilisation of the power of division, thus bringing the benefit of specialisation and effectiveness in various fields.
  • Targeted results and efforts in the fields of commerce, management, business studies, social science, humanities and engineering. Employment of the most efficient panel of faculty for the said subjects, making the university a well sought after option among prospective candidates.
  • Establishment of highlighted course modules for all students in various fields. Uniformity in divulging education in all fields, making every educational sector a likeable option for the students.
  • Diversification in the field of education by means of offering multiple courses and fields of studies as per student’s choice.
  • Students seek opportunities for improvement and development in a more open and frank environment.
  • Awarded and accredited with a prestigious rank, bringing the college among the top 3 as per India Today.
  • Excellent for overall development of students as there is a perfect amalgamation of studies with extra-curricular activities.
  • Opportunity for interested students to participate in dance and music activities in various contests, quizzes, events and much more.
  • Many students participate in the annual fest of the university ‘Carpedium’, which witnesses activities and participation by a number of people.
  • A highly competitive and encouraging environment for students to grow and prosper in various fields.



Mount Carmel College aims to open more paths and roads of success for all its students. The faculty and the university wishes dearly to see all their students succeed and attain a position of prominent status in their careers. For this, the faculty and the policy makers of the university have devised the following courses to be offered by them in the line of their service:

  • BBA – An eminent course that trains the student in the field of management and enables him to take a position in the field and position of managers in different fields.
  • MBA – A post-graduation course that enables a student to pick up a line of duty in the field of management in high ranking offices and Multi-national corporations.
  • Engineering – A very promising and prospective career for the students from science background, this course allows a student to establish himself as an engineer and take up further study options that make him an expert in the field.

These graduation and post-graduation programs are deliberately aimed at making education a holistic means of development and growth for the student. The university employs some of the best and most eligible minds in the field for the best of its students.



Every course demands a different scale of fees for admission and study in it. Depending on the courses a student chooses with us, the requisite fee will be intimated during the admission process.



Mount Carmel College takes pride in admitting women of calibre and exponential performance to take their dreams a step ahead. We are a recognised college that goes through a strict and rigorous process to ensure that the deserving candidates secure a meaningful place at our college.

For taking admission to one of our many courses, one has to go through the respective guidelines and appear for an entrance examination. On successful achievement of the requisite ranking, a candidate may be admitted to the desired course, subject to compliance of various regulations, as deemed necessary by the college staff and faculty.

A student may be required to appear for an on-site interview with our staff, where they will be judged for their skills and talent. For more information on the admission process, a student may contact us.


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