Online MBA Programme London Metropolitan University Admission 2022

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Online MBA Programme London Metropolitan University Admission 2022


London Metropolitan University was founded in 2002. At Holloway Road, you will find the main campus. All necessary facilities are provided on campus to meet the needs of students. There are six schools at the university, including the School of Business & Law, the School of Human Sciences, the School of Computing & Digital Media, the School of Social Professions, and the School of Social Sciences.

To help our students, employees, local communities, and companies, we provide a variety of services. Our athletic and exercise centres, as well as our libraries, are accessible to all of these groups.


Admission in Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that offers both theoretical and practical training in how to manage a business or investments at the graduate level. MBAs are designed to provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of business management concepts and operations. Students who want to pursue an international career in business and management can do so through London Metropolitan University Online. For the MBA programme, you can apply without having a prior degree in business management. But in order to participate in class discussions and interact with your classmates, you’ll need to have a suitable amount of work experience.

A certificate or degree does not have to or should not be the end of education. Online master’s programmes offered by UK colleges are usually designed for individuals in the workforce who may integrate their job experience into their studies. 

Enrollling in a postgraduate program is one method to remain on top of things and advance your career. Leaders, managers, and decision-makers must anticipate changes in the digital world in this century. The same may be said for colleges and online education companies. They must include recent innovations in business and employability into their MBA programmes.

The new master’s program in business administration from London Met Online was created with an eye on business trends, technological advancements, and the use of innovative methods. In order to meet the demands of professionals across generations on their path to improve or change their jobs, industries, and places, new subjects are being introduced in the MBA program.


Online MBA Course Information

Our online MBA programme is made for people who wish to improve their management and business abilities while still using their current employment. It is suited for students who have no prior experience in business management, but who will still have enough work experience to complement their studies and offer their classmates viewpoints.

The course is demanding, thus having a strong, high degree of focus and a desire to study and training is required. In this course, students will acquire a number of important skills that are necessary for them to succeed as managers, business owners, or entrepreneurs. These lessons will be learned through analytical reasoning, decision making, and interpersonal abilities.

You can locate an appropriate online MBA course for your field here if you’re looking for one:

  • Consider going into business or strategy.
  • Boost your potential for earning a senior job at work.
  • Start your own business or change jobs.
  • Widen the network of professionals at your business.

Online MBA programmes utilise student input and change to match industry trends.

The course will be taught online utilizing a combination of in-person instruction and online material, such as recorded lectures, assisted online workshops, online readings, and group projects.

Students will be allowed to adjust their study load from one to three modules every term to adapt to situations. They have one to three years to finish the program.

Students will only be studying one 20-credit module at a time. They will be allowed to enroll in the programme at the beginning of any taught module. An online Boot camp will be made available as a non-credit elective programme to assist students to get ready for Level 7 studies.

An online learning environment is used in every module. The portal makes essential content, such as manuals, presentations, reading materials, etc., available and also serves as a platform for online collaboration and other mixed learning activities.


Benefits of studying online

  • Versatility
  • Affordable
  • Convenience


Admission Process

  • Select a course
  • Fill the course details
  • Select the month and year you want to begin the course in.
  • Click on apply


You can apply by calling us and our team will help you. 


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